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The electronic weighing machine which is also called electronic kanta is one of the most important and crucial tools for Shopkeepers, Fruit sellers, Vegetable sellers, Blacksmiths, and Goldsmiths. Because traditional weighing machines are not accurate and precise.

Traditional weighing machines consume more time and require iron weights which is inappropriate in this digital era. In this blog, I have reviewed some best Electronic Kanta of 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 30kg, 50kg, 100kg capacity.

Choose Electronic kanta according to your requirement. These are the best Rated and best-performing weighing machines on Amazon.

Read the full buying guide that will help you choose the best weighing machine as per your requirement.

How to Choose Best Electronic Kanta?

Factors like Accuracy, Power options, Easy to operate, and Display availability need to be considered when going to buy an Electronic Kata machine.

Let’s discuss every factor one by one so that you can choose the best weighing machine as per your requirement.

Accuracy: Accuracy is a crucial and extremely important factor to be considered when going to buy a weighing machine especially for merchants.

Accuracy means “The maximum fluctuation (either increased or decreased) in weight shown by a weighing machine. For example +10gm or -10gm and +5gm or -5gm.

The weight amount mentioned for accuracy must be minimum to avoid loss. This accuracy factor can severely affect merchants like Goldsmith.

The Electronic kanta must be approved by weights and Measurements of India.

Power Options: Power option is an important factor because of the uncertainty of electric supply, that’s why an in-built battery option should be available.

Capacity: Choose the best capacity of weighing machine as per your requirement because it can’t be increased later.

Capacity means “The maximum weight you can measure precisely” like 5kg, 10kg, 50kg, 100kg etc.

Platform Space: Electronic kata should have proper platform space or size so that you can measure the weight of heavy stuff.

Platform is nothing but a part of electronic kata where you put the stuff for weight measurement.

High-Quality Display: The display quality also matters that’s why you should choose the weighing machine with high quality display.

The display output should be clearly visible to avoid loss so take this factor into consideration.

Water Resistant: The electronic kanta should work properly in all weather conditions that’s why being water proof is an important condition.

Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Digital Scale for Kitchen(Best Electronic kanta in 5kg category)

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With 4.5 Star rating given by 14000 buyers, this Amazon Basics Stainless Steel digital weighing Scale is one of the best choices among 5kg capacity.

The maximum weighing capacity is 5kg and minimum is 2gm.

Because of Advanced sensor technology, The response is quick and accurate.

You can see the measurements in three units Ounces, Grams and Pounds.

You can put an external bowl or container and press Tare button to subtract the container weight to zero.

This Electronic Kata weighing surface doesn’t contain BPA (Bisphenol A), Which is a harmful organic component.


Very Light weight

Weighing range is 2gm to 5kg that is very useful for kitchen purposes.

Smart Design and pot like weighing platform that is easy to use.

Easy Cleaning and battery operated.

Easy Navigation and automatic shut off after 2 minutes and 15 seconds.


You can’t see measurement display in the dark.

Generic Iscale-1 Electronic Digital Weighing Machine Multipurpose (Best electronic kanta in 10kg category)

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With approx. 11000 reviews and bestselling tag iscale electronic digital weighing scale is one of the best weighing machine choices for multipurpose.

The compact size, light weight and electronic kata price also match the requirements of best weighing scales in this category.

Works fine in every weather condition, battery operated, Tare function and easy portability makes it unique.


High accuracy

Compact size and portable

Very useful Tare function

Economic electronic kata price


Only Battery operated

RYLAN Electronic Digital Scale For Kitchen and Multipurpose (Best Electronic kanta in 10kg category)

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Highly rated (with 4 star given by 1135 buyers) in maximum weighing category of 10kg.

Contains Rechargeable battery and can be operated in Ac as well as DC mode.

RYLAN Electronic Kata can be used in kitchen or in shop because it is designed for multipurpose.

You can easily clean it’s large weighing platform tray.

Easy to read because of wide display size and having accuracy of 1gm.

You can use it’s Tare function to add a container and subtract it’s weight to zero.

Consumes Low Power that’s why long lasting battery without electricity and auto lock the reading when data is stable.


Both AC and DC operated.

Good Accuracy.

Rechargeable Battery

Tare Function and low power consumption

Wide Display and Platform size.

Auto Power off and beautiful appearance.


Charging Adapter not included with product

Alkaline battery used that is not a high quality battery.

MEDITIVE Digital Weighing Scale For Kitchen and Home Use (Best electronic kanta in 15kg category)

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Compact size and pretty looking digital weighing scale can be used in kitchen and very small shops.

Meditive weighing machine can be operated on both AC and DC. You can run this machine by electricity with the help of adapter and DC with the help of AAA batteries.

Small (21.5 cm by 17.5 cm) stainless steel platform for thing with smaller size and weight.

The maximum weighing capacity is 15kg that’s why not suitable for big objects and accuracy is 2 grams.


Tare function

Compact size and pretty look

Stainless steel platform

Weighing capacity is 15 kg and accuracy is 2gms

Super bright LCD display

Auto off feature for energy saving

Both AC and DC operated


Platform size is very small

No Rechargeable battery

Not suitable for big shops

Pesco Stainless Steel Commercial Weighing Machine For Shops (Best Electronic kanta in 20kg category)

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A Solid Body Weighing scale as required for the rough work in the shops with Pan size 7 inch by 9 inch.

This Pesco Weighing Machine has weighing capacity upto 20 kg with accuracy of 1/2 grams which is good enough for shops.

The weighing scale contains a bright LED Display and in-built high precision load cell with a backup of up to 12 hours which is very useful during electricity cut-off.


Solid Body structure

High battery backup

Platform size is good enough for shops.

LED Display Visible in dark.


Little heavy weight of weighing scale.

Electronic kata price little bit high

Raja Cruze Mini Weighing Machine for Shops (Best Electronic kanta in 30kg category)

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If you are buying a kata machine for shops ‘ll definitely consider a rough and tough design that’s what Raza cruze Weighing machine looks like.

With 30kg weighing capacity this scale also offers Dual LED, Precise weight and Powered by Battery.

High backup Lithium-ion rechargeable battery a good combination for shop purpose.


Specially designed for shops

Rechargeable and dual LED

30kg Weighing capacity


Newly Launched no reviews yet.

EQUAL Digital Weighing Scale for Multipurpose (Best Electronic kanta in 50kg category)

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Very Compact in size and light weight that makes it easily portable.

High precision sensors that makes it smart enough to display Low battery power, Overload, uneven surface placement, Accurate weight readings and good accuracy up to 5g.

With Tare function it also provides fast measurements which is very useful for shops.

LED Display visibility is very clear which helps shopkeeper and customer both.


Easy Portability

High precision weight measurement.

useful sensors and indicators

Front and back display lights with weighing range of 5g to 50kg.


Electronic kata price is little bit high

How to use electronic weighing machine

Try to avoid very rough use and overweighting

Put weighing machine on plane surface.

Avoid damages because it affects accuracy.


The Electronic weighing machines recommended here have been selected on the basis of Electronic kata price, reviews, specification, personal use, and affordability.

These weighing machines are one of the best weighing machines in their category.

Please read the full buying guide then select electronic kata machine which best fit into your price affordability and requirement.

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