Jiofi jdr740 High speed Wireless Portable Jio Router

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Now the internet has become a need of life, You can’t imagine your phone and Laptops without the internet, and in India, the Internet speed is a major problem. To resolve this problem Jio has launched Jiofi jdr740 High speed wireless Portable jio router.

Which can solve your Internet speed and multiple device connectivity problem through this Jio Router.

If you are having your shop, business or service center in rural areas and internet access is poor then Jiofi jdr740 can help you a lot.

You can’t access a high-speed Internet through your phone because it has certain bandwidth and capacity limitations.

To overcome this problem you can use Jiofi jdr740 High-speed wireless portable jio Router and can access a high-speed Internet at your workplace and home.

Key Features of Jiofi jdr740 High speed Wireless Portable Jio Router

You can connect Multiple wi-fi capable devices to the Jio Router and enjoy high-speed 4G Internet.

You will experience a true 4G speed that is mentioned as ‘Download speed up to 150Mbps’ and ‘Upload speed up to 50Mbps’.

Note: External power source is required i.e Plug and play , No inbuilt battery or any other power source is provided.

For best performance you are recommended to connect up to 10 wi-fi enabled devices like Phone, tablets, Smart Tv and Laptops.

You can also use other Interesting features like Video and HD voice calls, Audio and Video Conferences and send SMS using Jio call Voice app.

You can also use Jiofi jdr740 Router as a Pen drive because it provides a facility of Expandable Memory capacity up to 32GB.

To use this Jiofi jdr740 High-speed Jio Router, You must have a Jio SIM for which can visit the nearest Jio store and can select the best data plan according to your requirement.

Benefits of Having Jiofi jdr740 High speed Wireless Portable Jio Router

Poor internet connection hurts the businesses like e-ticketing, Online Money Transfer, Document applications and corrections, Admit cards, results, Share Market Trading and many others.

But High-speed Internet can solve all these problems and business owners can perform multiple tasks at a time for maximum productivity and earnings.

Jiofi jdr740 provides best performance if you connect up to 10 gadgets because 150Mbps downloading speed gets divided into number of gadgets.

And each wi-fi enabled device can access the maximum speed upto “150Mbps divided by number of gadgets”.

Using Jiofi jdr740 you can make video and voice calls on large screens like laptops smoothly without interruptions.

The best part of Jiofi jdr740 is you can use it at your home and make it a smart home because Jiofi jdr 740 provides consistent high speed internet.


Jiofi jdr740 High speed wireless Portable jio router is one stop solution for all business owners, e-marketers,and shop keepers who need consistent high speed internet to run their business smoothly.

This router can also be used to access the high speed internet for personal use. This is a best portable wireless high-speed router in the market.

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